Final Fantasy XIV Reboot to Receive Marriage, But Not Same-Sex Ones

Yet at least

If you’re reading this article, you might have heard about Final Fantasy XIV being quite possibly the worst MMO launch in history, with fans new and old claiming the game was terrible, riddled with bugs and unplayable. Square Enix had to embarrassingly attempt to recoup their major losses and go free to play while they completely rebuilt the game and beta tested it, fittingly calling it A Realm Reborn.

With the new game, many features will be added, and one of them is marriage. It’s not really surprisingly considering some cultural views and the fact that none of their games (that I know of) have ever featured openly homosexual characters, but they won’t be adding same-sex marriage into the game. Square Enix gave this information on it:

“As for same-sex marriage, this is an extremely controversial topic that has been under discussion in the MMO world for the past few years. First we would like to start out with opposite-sex marriage, and then consider the feedback from our players in order to make a careful decision. I can't say whether or not it will be possible at this point in time. I'd like to keep dialog open with our players as we deliberate the matter.”

At least they’re not shutting the door on it for those who hoped otherwise, which in itself represents progress culturally and for the company.

Source: Kotaku