Nintendo Switch Update 2.3.0 Does The Exact Same Thing As Last Month’s Update

What are the changes Nintendo??


Once again, Nintendo is continuing the trend of extremely ambiguous patch notes regarding the latest update.

As posted on Nintendo’s website, update 2.3.0 includes “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.”, last month we received a similar firmware update which did the exact same thing.

Will we ever receive any updates that improve anything other than “general stability?” Heck, who knows – but I do think it’s important for the consumer to know what changes are coming to the product he/she purchased.

In other Switch related news, Nintendo finally added the much-needed credit card storage support to the e-Shop:

While online shops from consoles such as The Xbox One or PS4 having the credit card storage capabilities, players of the Switch would have only expected no different with the recently released console. However this was not the case – buyers were frustrated with having to input their details every time they wanted to make a purchase.Luckily today we have information via Nintendoeverything, that the feature has now been added to the e-Shop.

Last week, we also saw the appearance of Minecraft on the Switch:

Since launch, I’m sure loads of fans have been waiting to finally get Minecraft on the Switch, but now the wait is over, Microsoft’s Minecraft is now available on Nintendo’s e-Shop. Priced at $30, the Switch version of Minecraft features local and online multiplayer support as well as rad Mario-inspired skins.

The Switch edition of Minecraft will be running at a constant 60fps and will be featuring “Medium sized world”, as well as WiiU transfers, so you can keep digging away at your favourite mine-site.

Nintendo Switch 2.3.0 Update Notes:

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience