Midna and Zelda Have Never Looked Better [Cosplay Gallery]

Midna and Zelda have never looked more stunning than in these photos.

Zelda & Midna Cosplay Gallery – #8

zelda midna cosplay

We think cosplaying is pretty cool, and we like to showcase some of the better ones from time to time—especially when they're related to videogames.

This time around, we're showcasing Zelda and Midna cosplay by Spicy Seasoning (Midna) and Rikku Grape (Zelda), two DeviantArt users who took on the forms of two of the most well-known characters from the Legend of Zelda—aside from Link and Ganondorf, that is.

Needless to say, we’d love to see more high quality cosplay like this, so feel free to tip us off with anything you think we might like.