Bioshock Little Sister Pinup: Is This Necessary?

The answer’s an emphatic ‘no’.

bioshock pinup

Pinup artist Martin Abel has transformed Rapture's creepy little girl clone into something rather er…grown up. Between this and the Deus Ex: Human Revolution sexy sex sexxxxy photoshoot that popped up on the internet last week I am beginning to think someone is trolling me. Seriously, guys? Someone (s) felt the need to sexualize a little girl AND take pictures of a topless lady cyborg? For gaming culture? Why? For fuck's sake, why? 

I can't even with this. I want to present a well thought out argument for both sides but I've got nothing here. I have a pretty subversive sense of humor. I almost always follow the rule that if something is funny then it trumps offensive. But this kind of willful misogyny (in a culture already known for its apathy/hostility towards women) for no apparent purpose other than to titillate 13 year old fan boys just makes me sad. And mad. And then mad sad. And then I throw something at the wall. It's pointless. I mean, if someone really felt like they just had to send up a video game old time-y fashion then  how about making Big Daddy into a pin up, huh? Like when Bugs Bunny would comb the hair of that beast thing and make it look pretty? Why not? Because bottom line is it wouldn't make as much money.  Because this is how our society is wired. Because by accepting these things as just "fun" we're all complicit in this farce – a sexist culture making money off of women's bodies. Grump grump grump.