Review: TX-1 Throat Mic

We give our review of the TX-1 Throat Mic by Gioteck.

Gamers are constantly looking for the next big accessory—especially the kind of accessory that heightens one's involvement with the game. For gamers on the lookout for a good microphone, we've reviewed just the thing. Gioteck has provided us with the TX-1 Throat Mic for the Xbox 360, a device that will help you to get in the zone with any army-type shooter.

From the Box:

  • TX-1 Throat Mic
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The TX-1 is designed to look like a military-style communicator. With a rugged rubber and plastic feel, the TX-1 has a full camouflaged finish. The mic feels sturdy and adjusts to fit your neck comfortably during extended gaming sessions. If you're burdened with a thick neck, it might fit a little differently. The earpiece is simple, and fit snugly in my ear. That said, I would liked to have seen a set of smaller and bigger earpieces to choose from.

The cord is of decent length, allowing me to freely move around without being unplugged from the controller. The cord is also thick, adding to the device's durability—a plus in my eyes. I'm confident that the cord will not be easily damaged from any tension or pulls against the earpiece.  Attached to the cord itself is the volume and power control, which is far away from the controller and myself preventing any accidental mishaps like turning the volume down or switching off the power during a game.

There is not too much more to say about the design other than that this mic will mostly attract FPS enthusiasts who also enjoy military-style game accessories. It can best be described as "tactical."



You may expect that the TX-1 being a throat mic will pick up vibrations just like the more professional throat mics. That's not entirely true, for instance if you try to whisper to your teammates they will hear your whispers, but your voice will not come out as clear and fully voiced as you can expect with industrial and military-grade products. Additionally, the neck strap contains a microphone inside of it, so any noises in the background are also likely to be picked up if loud enough.

During my gaming sessions, the mic never cut out and everyone I played with was able to hear me. The TX-1 is also extremely lightweight compared to other headsets on the market, making it comfortable to wear. I felt that I could play for extended periods compared to when I used my Logitech F540's, which can become a little too heavy after long play sessions.

The volume set through the earpiece was quite good. I had no trouble of hearing other teammates or friends over online chat.. However, I do have a small bone to pick. The TX-1 is not a dedicated pair of headphones, as you don't get full surround sound, which is to be expected as it only comes with a single channel for inbound audio. The TX-1 headset is best used in combination with hall speakers or a dedicated pair of audio headphones.



The TX-1 is a great microphone for what it offers. It might not appeal to a whole ton of people, but for those looking to get a little more comfort and style during bouts of Bad Company 2 or Black Ops might want to give a look at these. The overall sound quality and microphone picked up rather well during different games, both FPS and non-FPS. You can pick up the TX-1 at retailers like Walmart and Bestbuy for around $25.

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