Top 10 Best Free FPS Games

These free first person shooters are even better than games you might pay for. Why pay when you can play an FPS for free?

Best Free-to-Play FPS Games

First person shooters are by far the most popular games in the world, with Battlefield 3 and Black Ops 2 dwarfing games like World of Warcraft in terms of standing and sheer number of players alone.

Due to their popularity, shooters have been made into the subject of movies based on vidoegame licenses like Doom and Max Payne, and also used as influences in films like Gamer and Shoot 'Em Up. The flip side to that is that they've become the targets of lazy politicians and gun lobbyists who seek to blame their popularity on violence in schools instead of looking elsewhere—towards 'gun culture' in general, and to the availability of firearms at retailers.

Needless to say, shooters aren't going away any time soon, and some of them—such as the ones we've listed ahead, are entirely free to play so you can get a solid experience without having to pay a single cent for the experience. Read on to find out about the ten best free to play FPS games.

We've updated this list by removing Battlefield Play4Free (which goes offline in 2015) and replaced it with the 2015 release Dirty Bomb.