Satirical Arcade Game Molemen Must Die is Officially Out

How do you please a grandiose, overly dramatic President? According to action platformer Molemen Must Die! the answer to that is quite simple: Safely deliver an illegal explosive straight to the centre of the Earth, and wipe out the underworld. Sound crazy? According to Meg Betteridge of publisher Lumi Consulting, that’s the entire point.

Although Molemen Must Die touches political territory with its reference to President Trump and the American flag (see below), the game is designed to be tongue-in-cheek. Betteridge explains that it functions very much like a “snapshot of 2016” and since the game’s creation prior to the 2016 election, the political climate surrounding it has intensified. She also notes that Molemen Must Die takes up multiple video game tropes, such as killing everything in one’s path, and places them within a political setting.

Molemen Must Die! is out now for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam for just $2.54 USD (currently 15% off).