Explosive Platformer Molemen Must Die! Gets a Release Date

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but in Mokomoto’s Molemen Must Die! retribution is anything but frosty. Inspired by B Grade action movies, the game tasks players with travelling to the centre of the Earth, where they must unleash a bomb in honour of their temper-tantrum President and destroy the underworld.

Featuring a bunch of unique weapons, the ability to wield bizarre powers, and tactical falling action, Molemen Must Die! guarantees an explosive experience:

  • Ridiculously over-the-top action-platforming gameplay with way too many bad guys
  • More guns than any normal person could possibly need, all with BIG effects
  • Get rewarded every time you die with another random upgrade to keep the mayhem fresh
  • Multiple environments to scour of life: caves, cities, jungles and more
  • Awesome retro presentation, from the fantastic pixel art to the crummy-VCR visual effects
  • International score leaderboard: The deeper you go, the higher you’ll get
  • A bombastic musical soundtrack and ground-shaking high-definition sound effects

Molemen Must Die! is launching on March 21 via Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.