Sony’s 4.50 Update Caused WiFi Issues For Select PlayStation 4 Consoles

PS4 Update

Several reports online have claimed the latest update for Sony’s PlayStation 4 has actually caused a major hardware failure. Turns out the latest update, 4.50 has brought plenty of gamers a massive headache as now their console is unable to keep a stable WiFi connection.

A lengthy thread has been posted on the official PlayStation Forums in which several gamers began to explain their WiFi connectivity issue. It seems that a rather large collection of users are finding their PlayStation 4 will showcase the error code NW-31297-2.

This code essentially tells PlayStation 4 owners that the console is unable to connect to the WiFi network or that the password to the network is set correctly.

Ultimately, it’s leaving plenty of gamers without a console if online streaming, browsing, or gaming is something you partake in frequently. While Sony has yet to make any statements on when a fix is coming, there is already a workaround that gamers are using to enjoy using the console online.

This fix will set you back around $30 as you’ll likely have to purchase a WiFi extender.

Some gamers have alerted others online that using a WiFi extender and plugging the console through Ethernet will allow the console to connect online once again.

Unfortunately, this is not something most gamers are willing to do and we’re curious as to how some gamers will be fixing the issue with an update if their console is unable to connect online, to begin with.

We’ll just have to wait it out for now until Sony releases an update that can resolve this bug.