Far Cry 3’s Latest Trailer Introduces “Citra and Dennis”

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Far Cry 3 and it introduces us to Citra and Dennis. So, just who are they, then? Dennis is your "spiritual guide" to becoming a warrior, while Citra is the "mysterious and seductive" leader of the Rakyat tribe.

Give the trailer a watch to see how these two work hand-in-hand to awaken your power.

Citra also shares the secret past of her tribesmen and their fight against the ruthless warlords who run the island. This, of course, means that you'll aid them in your quest by shooting, stabbing and making things explode within the game. Speaking of stabbings, there's a few good ones there, but what piqued my curiosity was seeing your character gut an animal to take their heart or internal organ.

Before the trailer ends, it reveals that the next trailer will reveal the game's "tyrant," which I assume is the main antagonist of the title. Based on what's shown, he'll be bringing in the brutality and I gather it's up to you to stop him, no?

Far Cry 3 is scheduled for a December 4 release for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Will you be adding it your shooter queue later this year?