Shenmue III Receives An Update Development Video

When E3 2015 came around, it became a massive shock for attendees when Shenmue III popped up during the Sony PlayStation press briefing. The video game franchise received two installments years ago on the Sega Dreamcast, and of course ported to other consoles, but the amount of money took to develop the video game ultimately caused for the title to be cancelled.

This left fans of the series with an unfinished story until now. The video game, as mentioned, was presented during the Sony press briefing during E3 2015 expo which was followed by an announcement of a Kickstarter campaign for developers Ys Net to work on the video game.

Fans make quick work to over exceed the requested development costs for the video game and Ys Net went into work. Unfortunately, news regarding the video game development process has been slow which is something that the developers make note of during their latest Dev Room Progress Report Vol. 2 video update.

While gamers can argue that the developers can work in peace and not present information regarding the video game, the opposing argument could be made for those who pledged money towards the creation of Shenmue III.

Within the video, which you can view in full above, the development team notes that they will work on providing monthly updates regarding their progress of Shenmue III while not alerting fans of anything that would spoil the story or fun.

Currently, there is no release date yet for Shenmue III, but the video game will be releasing on both the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.