Resident Evil 7 Developers Talk About Chris Redfield


When the development team Capcom released their latest installment to the Resident Evil franchise, it came with a spin towards their old roots. Instead of the over-the-top action blockbuster vibe the development team released for the past few main installments of the series, Resident Evil 7 was met with a creepy atmospheric tone.

While the overall game tone went back to the dark roots, Capcom have opted to release a game that didn’t focus on the same cast of characters. Instead, players took control of Ethan as he searched for his missing wife.

If you completed the game already then you know at the end there is a cameo of Chris Redfield. This is a leading protagonist character featured in past installments of Resident Evil. What drove a wedge between fans of the series is if this Chris Redfield is, in fact, the real deal.

This uncertainty came from Chris Redfield’s drastic change of appearance along with his new connection with Umbrella, a corporation that has been the long-standing enemy within the franchise.

Today, according to a report made by Gamerant, the Capcom development team has confirmed that Chris Redfield is indeed the very same character we’ve come to know and love. The reason for his appearance change was due to the fact that the development team has opted to release a game with more photo-realism graphics thus making the more bulky Chris Redfield appearance out of place within the latest installment.

Perhaps the upcoming free DLC of Resident Evil 7, Not A Hero, will help shed some light as to why Chris Redfield is representing Umbrella, though that remains to be seen.