Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Studio Factor 5 Has Reportedly Been Resurrected

There’s a ton of great video game development studios we wish was possible to see resurrected once again. One of those old studios that went under was Factor 5 which has apparently been brought back from the grave. The news of this resurrection came from Julian Eggebrecht, a video game developer and founding president of Factor 5.

The video game studio officially opened back in 1987 in Germany with a US branch in 1996. Best is known for Lair, Rogue Squadron series, and the Turrican series, the development studio became officially defunct in 2011.

That is until today when the famed developer spoke with a German website, later reported by Nintendo Life. According to Julian Eggebrecht, the Factor 5 development studio is back in action with control of its original IPs.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t include the Star Wars video game titles so it’s unsure if we’ll see a new Rogue Squadron installment in the near future.

Nevertheless, the developer went on to speak highly about the Nintendo Switch console. In his views, the console ranks between the Nintendo Wii U and the Xbox One in terms of power. Furthermore, developing video games on the hybrid console has been relatively easy.

With the announcement of Factor 5 back in play and interest in the Nintendo Switch, we could soon see a video game announcement. What current defunct video game studio you like to see back in action? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.