Destiny’s Final Live Event Makes It Easier To Collect What You Missed

Bungie shared more details about Age of Triumph, the final live event for Destiny, in the second of a series of three informative Twitch streams.

Today’s livestream is the second in a series of three, and focused on updated activities and new ways to acquire items. Many of these activities center around obtaining a Treasure of Ages, which is a new box that contains everything Destiny’s Live team has ever released.

This enables you to pick up all of the past armor, emblems, emotes, masks, ships, and ornaments you might have missed out on including Desolate Token Armor, Spektar Armor, and the ghost version of Ghost. Opening a Treasure of Ages also gives you a chance to earn brand-new items, including armor that will be revealed during next week’s stream.

In addition to activity rewards, you can purchase a Treasure of Ages from Eververse. Alternatively, you can seek out specific things you have missed through the updated Silver Dust kiosk, where you can directly purchase specific ornaments and other things missing from your collection. You can also spend whatever Silver Dust you have left as there won’t be more items coming to Destiny in the future to save it for.

You will kick off the Age of Triumph event by talking to The Speaker to get a new quest that consists of 12 steps. The first part sends you into the new Weekly Story playlist, which is 380 Light level activity. You do not have to get online every day to play the Daily Story Mission, as it combines every story mission in one convenient playlist.

Each week will feature a specific selection of missions with various modifiers, which is something that has not been involved with story missions for quite a while. Your first five completions for the week each provide 20 Legendary Marks, with the first also grabbing you a Treasure of Ages.

Two more Treasure of Ages can be obtained for free each week, one of your first completion of the Siva Crisis Heroic playlist and one for the Weekly Crucible. Another updated activity is the 380 Light level Weekly Nightfall Strike playlist. Scoring is enabled and the Nightfall buff has returned, meaning you gain an XP boost for the rest of the week upon successful completion.

A new modifier is also being introduced called Daybreak, which makes all combatants tougher but provides players with the equivalent of the Crucible’s Mayhem buff, where your various cooldowns are much faster. This will be available once in every four weeks, although it will also be enabled for a six-week stretch in July and August.

Challenge of the Elders is also being raised to 390 Light level. Your first three completions of the week net you 10 Legendary Marks each, and this activity does not replace the existing version, which is still available on the Reef node.

Bungie plans to host its third and final stream devoted to Age of Triumph next Wednesday, March 22nd, where it will reveal the event’s new armor, among other things. The update is slated to arrive the following week, on March 28th and serves as a final hurrah for the game before the launch of Destiny 2 this fall.