Beautiful Adventure Game ‘Blackwood Crossing’ Now Has a Release Date

We got our first glimpse of Blackwood Crossing last year, the debut title from Indie Studio PaperSeven that explores the relationship of two orphan siblings via a story-driven adventure. Today, it has an official release date, which was revealed on Twitter by the development team.

So far, details on the game’s narrative are scant. However, a trailer which was released at last year’s Gamescom tells us that it takes place on a train, where protagonists Finn and Scarlett encounter strange, almost spiritual cartoon beings in what look like flashbacks. It’s hinted at that Scarlett possesses special powers, which she can use to remember their parents, something which Finn prompts her to do against her will. The reason for this prompting may very well be linked to Finn’s personal, seemingly unexpressed anguish over such a pivotal loss, but time will tell.

Blackwood Crossing is coming on Apr 4 for PlayStation 4. It will also launch on Steam and Xbox One on the following day (the price point is yet to be confirmed).