Death Stranding’s Mads Mikkelsen Claims He’s Not The Villain

When it comes to Death Stranding we’re kept in the dark in terms of its narrative. Hideo Kojima is a famed developer that certainly enjoys deep and elaborate stories which are something we can expect to see in his upcoming IP.

Death Stranding is the first IP to be released under Hideo Kojima’s development studio, Kojima Productions. Unfortunately, we only have received two cinematic trailers, both of which have yet to fully unveil as to what we can expect narrative wise.

One could speculate that Mads Mikkelsen portrays the main antagonist from the second trailer showing his character leading several soldiers.

Recently, the actor was present during the Saudi Comic Con where he held a Q&A panel. During the con, Mads Mikkelsen revealed that the Death Stranding was very elaborate and even confused him when Hideo Kojima first explained it.

However, when one attendee asked the actor what his thoughts on video games being a frontier for storytelling while making mention that he believes Mads is the main villain in Death Stranding.

While Mads Mikkelsen shared his excitement of the game and video game storytelling in general, he states that he is not the villain. Though, if we go back to an earlier interview this year, the famed actor also makes mention of his thoughts on villains.

Speaking to The Times of India Entertainment, Mads Mikkelsen stated that villains are simply people on a mission who see life in a different kind of way. Perhaps Mads could be literal when he made his comments during the comic con or he may be holding true to his views for villains as a whole.