Death Stranding’s Story Confused Mads Mikkelsen

When it comes to Hideo Kojima, you can fully expect deep and elaborate stories. Now that he has detached himself from Konami and is hard at work with his first video game release from Kojima Productions, we cannot wait to learn more about Death Stranding.

There are only two trailers out for the game so far and neither gives very much insight as to what the game is actually about. While we’re still waiting to learn about the premise of Hideo Kojima’s mysterious game, it turns out that even the actors behind main characters of the title were just as confused when presented with the narrative.

Mads Mikkelsen is an actor known for his work within the Danish film industry. One of his latest roles is a character within Death Stranding, which was also highlighted in the latest trailer for the upcoming Kojima Productions IP.

Today, we’re finding out that when Mads Mikkelsen first went through the narrative for Death Stranding it left him a bit confused, but wanting more.

This announcement came from a recent Saudi Comic Con event in which Mads described his time working with Hideo Kojima. During a meeting, Mads told a story of when Hideo Kojima went over the full plot of the anticipated video game.

Apparently, the plot was so elaborate that he got lost but was really intrigued as to what else the narrative had to offer. Again, these big elaborate stories are pretty well-known attributes when it comes to Hideo Kojima.

Since we’re still very much in the dark as to what we can expect from Death Stranding, we’ll have to wait and hope that during E3 this year, Hideo Kojima will finally give us a premise to the narrative story.