Huge Halo Wars 2 Patch Is Coming Soon

A “huge” patch for Halo Wars 2 is coming soon, developer 343 Industries has announced. In its latest weekly blog post, the studio said this patch, due out soon, plans to address “a number of the most common issues being reported by some players.”

The patch fixes a bug where players could get stuck at the loading screen and another where some PC players saw a black screen when booting up the game. It also adds a welcome-sounding feature on PC that will let players know if they have old drivers.

There are a number of gameplay changes too, including a fix for a problem where units would become unresponsive in the Blitz mode. It also clears out an issue where some units could get a 4X speed boost, while friendly cloaked units will now appear on the minimap.

The patch does not include any balance changes for the game’s units, although 343 is tracking player feedback and will adjust the game accordingly in the future.

The patch does not have a release date yet, but the goal is to have it out ASAP, 343 said. It will arrive first on  Xbox One with PC to follow because PC is a “much more complicated platform.”

You can read the full patch notes here.