Bungie Will Reveal More About What’s In Store For Destiny Tomorrow

Destiny’s developer, Bungie, has promised to shed more light on what’s next for Destiny tomorrow. While it is unclear how far into the future Bungie is getting ready to share with us, the developer says that it will provide “an announcement and a reveal schedule” in article form that will go live on the developer’s website at 9 am Pacific tomorrow, March 3rd.

There are a few things already that Bungie could give more details about tomorrow, which fans know will be coming to Destiny at some point. Bungie previewed a number of sandbox changes last week, which will make changes to the sidearms: Memory of Skorri, No Land Beyond, and Truth.

Bungie also said it will “begin the conversation” about “some fresh challenges” coming to Destinywhich could possibly be in reference to the content update that the developer promised would be coming to the game this year.

Finally, it is going to be something if Bungie mentions anything at all about Destiny 2, the full sequel that Activision and Bungie have reassured fans is on track for release this year. The game is expected at E3, but a reveal could come sooner than we think.