Unearthing Mars Takes Players on a Sci-Fi Adventure; Watch Official Trailer Here

The PlayStation Blog has announced a new VR game titled Unearthing Mars. The title comes from Winking Entertainment and plans to bring players on an adventure like never before.

Unearthing Mars is set to release next week on March 7 for the PSN. The game will be a digital-only game for the moment. Players will experience operating a Mars landing craft vehicle, explore the surface of Mars, and discover a more esoteric side to the Red Planet, solving puzzles along the way and culminating in first-person shootouts.

Watch the official trailer down below:


Here’s what Eric Tsai, brand manager at Winking Entertainment, has to say about the upcoming title:

So what is Unearthing Mars? Is it a shooter, a puzzler, or some sort of space sim? To be honest, it is all and none of those things at the same time. The Unearthing Mars experience is comprised of 10 different stages, each with its own unique gameplay mechanic. Each stage also advances the story of a space expedition team trying to unravel the secrets of Mars. Players will take the role of the Co-pilot, a member of the retrieval team sent to recover fragments of the mysterious Phobos satellite, believed to hold clues to the possibility of an ancient civilization on Mars

A general consensus of the comments from the trailer note that the game looks a little similar to Hello Game’s No Man Sky. And while there seems to be some similarities, Winking Entertainment note that the game is “a smörgåsbord of game genres and mechanics that has something for everyone.”

Unearthing Mars is set to release digitally for the PS4 and PSVR on March 7.