Rare Offers Extremely Limited Sea of Thieves Xbox One

If you’re still without an Xbox One or just looking to further broaden your video game collection, the development studio, Rare, is offering a very limited Xbox One custom design on eBay. This auction is being used for charity and as you can imagine, the console is fetching quite a bit of money.

This console is an Xbox One S model that is branded with an exclusive Sea of Thieves design and likewise, the controller is branded with a similar design. With only three available within the world, this will mark as one extremely rare console variant that will fetch quite a bit of money

The development studio is offering the custom Xbox One S by a means to help out a charity known as SpecialEffect in which all of the profits from the eBay auction will be going directly to the charity that helps individuals enjoy video games despite their disabilities.

Because of the charity factor, this auction will likely continue to reach a rather sizeable amount of money as its already closing in on a $1,000 bid. If you don’t fancy the exclusive console, the development studio is also auctioning off other merchandise as well. However, it’s worth noting that each item is coming to an end tomorrow so you don’t want to wait too much longer before checking out what’s available to bid on.