Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns Next Week With Epic New Rewards

Destiny’s limited-time Iron Banner multiplayer event returns next week with a fresh crop of rewards to reap. There are new rewards in the form of both weapons and armor, as usual. A gallery of these images has been included below for you to peruse.

The next Iron Banner will start on February 28th at 10 AM PT and run until March 7th at 1 AM PT. The game mode for this time around is Supremacy.

In Bungie’s blog post, the developer talked about some of the changes coming to Destiny in a future update following the update that released earlier on this month.

“It has been a little over one week since these new changes took effect and we’re still monitoring feedback from around the community. One thing we have been hearing a lot of is: ‘Sidearms… so hot right now.’ A lot of the feedback around Sidearms has pointed out their unique ability to hoard Special ammo when other weapons are running dry,” Bungie said.

Good news is that they plan to address this specific issue in a future update. A rundown of the possible changes Bungie is thinking about implementing is available on its official website.