Super Evil Megacorp and MadGlory Partner to Launch New Toolset

Super Evil Megacorp has announced its partnership with MadGlory today. The partnership will provide the Vainglory community with a developer API through use of Gamelocker, MadGlory’s all-new toolkit launching today that provides verified data to community partners and players by capturing each match or session played.

Game developers can then securely share data through a branded developer portal and SDK available on all popular platforms. Gamelocker will empower game communities to build useful tools for games they love and already more than 400 developer partners have signed up to create and build apps based on data from Vainglory gameplay.

“In any esport, there’s nothing more important than the game’s community,” said Tom Carmona, Director of Business Development at MadGlory. “Gamelocker is going to help Vainglory’s already rapidly-expanding, global audience engage with the game in more ways by making gameplay data accessible and digestible.”

“The team at MadGlory has been creating game services since the beginning of online games, and their products have helped connect the communities of some of the world’s most popular games” said Kristian Segerstrale, CEO of Super Evil Megacorp. “Gamelocker’s implementation into Vainglory is going to help connect our players to the game and to each other in ways that were never possible before but are essential to the growth of our esports ecosystem.”

In order to celebrate the official release of Gamelocker, Super Evil Megacorp and Madglory will be hosting an “API Challenge” throughout the month of March. Interested developers can get started by  heading over to and signing up for an API key.  Full details for the challenge can be found on the API Challenge page here