Borderlands 2 Expansion May be Handled by Outside Devs


It's been surmised by the secretive but credible superannuation that a DLC for Borderlands 2 is already being worked on. In fact, it's likely been in development for some time. It can be assumed from a "handful" of resumes from current and former employees of developer The Workshop that they are working on a Borderlands expansion that they call "Torgue" (one of the weapons manufactures in Borderlands).

Another designer from The Workshop has a personal website that, in the coming soon section, speaks of an "Unannounced" "Expansion of a Highly Successful Triple-A FPS". He also states that he is the sole mission designer and scripter for it and that the expansion had +10 hours of gameplay.

Interestingly, one of the resumes also mentions that The Workshop has pitching their own multiplayer, despite the fact that the developer is best known for PlayStation Move fantasy game Sorcery.

While nothing is official, one can easily put the pieces together to see what might be in the works here. But the fact that an entire expansion might be being created by a different developer may make some fans uncomfortable, though this isn't the first time Borderlands content has been handled outside of Gearbox (Claptrap's Robot Revolution ring a bell?)

What do you think? Are you nervous that the expansion (if it indeed exists) is being handled by an outside company?