Cyan Inc’s ‘Obduction’ is Headed for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

The developer behind smash hit Myst Cyan Inc. has just announced that their most recent sci-fi adventure game Obduction will be coming to VR. Obduction originally released for PC last year to very positive reviews, roping audiences in with its lush visuals and enigmatic puzzles.

As a VR-centric studio, Cyan Inc. is excited to be reinventing the game so players can enjoy Obduction’s strange, fantastical world from up close:

“We have over 200,000 fans on our Steam wishlist, many who have been asking for hand controls for Obduction. As a VR-centric studio, we’re thrilled to be delving even further into these platforms, bringing ever deeper immersion to our worlds and pushing the edge of what’s possible.”

Obduction will release for HTC Vive and Touch for Oculus Rift on March 22 via Steam, GOG, the Humble Store and the Oculus Store for $29.99 USD. Players who have already purchased the game will receive it as a free update in their Steam libraries.