Expect Big Surprises in the Next Zelda Game

zelda wii e3 2009

Expect a BIG SURPRISE at next year’s E3 2010 according to Eiji Aonuma, the Legends of Zelda series producer. Aonuma, in an interview with ONM(official nintendo magazine) when questioned:
How would the upcoming new Zelda title will be different when it arrives on the Wii next year?
Aonuma replied,

It is something we used to talk about with Mr Miyamoto, and he and I agree that if we are following the same structure again and again, we might not be able to give long time Zelda fans a fresh surprise.
So we have been trying something new in terms of the structure of the Wii version of the new Zelda game this time. I am really hopeful that people will be surprised with the changes we have implemented for this Wii version.

We all know that it has MotionPlus swordplay, next-gen graphics(OOPS! it’s a Wii title), Link(hopefully) and awesome gameplay.
Aonuma later added,

I hope that we can show you something at the E3 show next year and it is something we are hopeful will be surprising.