Next Zelda title to be MotionPlus exclusive?


The next Zelda title, could go MotionPlus exclusive. The news comes from notoriously loose-lipped Shigeru Miyamoto, in an interview from Tokyo this week.
The MotionPlus will be used for better sword play and more. In the Q & A, available in japanese, Miyamoto said, “In this (installment of the series), we’re using MotionPlus to make you feel much more like you’re actually fighting while holding a sword in your hand.“. He also added “In the previous game, you aimed at things by pointing at the screen, but this time we’ll use MotionPlus to create a much more convenient targeting system and a more pleasurable playing experience.”
Although Nintendo has not confirmed MotionPlus exclusivity of the game, with so much integration in the game mechanics it seems pretty much inevitable, which could be a fairly risky move on Nintendo’s part.
For those of you who are living under a rock, Wii MotionPlus is an expansion device for the Wii Remote video game controller that allows it to more accurately capture complex motion.