Guerilla Games Details Day-One Patch for Horizon: Zero Dawn; Smoother Framerates and Higher Visual Fidelity Promised

Horizon: Zero Dawn is only a week away from releasing and with all the positive reviews for the game, many gamers are eager to finally get their hands on the title.

Today, Guerilla Games (via PSU) detailed their day-one patch for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The patch will super small, clocking in at about 250MB. The small patch will bring PS4 Pro users an option to tinker with the resolution and framerate.


“Horizon Zero dawn will receive a small day zero patch that will build upon PlayStation 4 Pro support, adding a Performance mode which will favor smoother framerates while delivering higher visual fidelity in the 1080p mode. This mode is available for both 4K and 1080p displays.”

In Horizon Zero Dawn players take on the role of an archer and hunter by the name of Aloy. With much of the world in ruins and giant mechanical beasts roam freely, Aloy will have to battle against the machines and other tribes that threaten her exploration. Watch Gameranx’ Top 10 things you need to know about the game right here.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is set to launch exclusively to the Catch up on the latest news, trailers, and guides for Horizon: Zero Dawn right here!