Rumor: Capcom Vancouver Passed On Dino Crisis Reboot

Back during the days of the original PlayStation, Capcom had released two well-received horror video game franchises which were Resident Evil and Dino Crisis. The first went on to release a number of main installments along with spinoffs. In fact, we’re all aware of the most recent entry to release from Capcom, Resident Evil 7, a title that went back to the franchise’s horror roots.

However, outside of zombie killing was Dino Crisis, essentially Resident Evil with dinosaurs and for the most part, the series was a success until the third installment. Regardless, fans of the franchise have been waiting for a new installment since 2003 when the last installment launched for the Xbox platform.

A new report which we’ll have to label as a rumor, for the time being, states that Capcom Vancouver was once given the opportunity to develop a Dino Crisis reboot. This shred of news came from a user on NeoGaf, Jawmuncher, who is supposedly an industry insider.

Within the post, Jawmuncher reveals that a source claimed Capcom Japan offered Capcom Vancouver in 2013 a choice between two projects to work on, Knights of Aegis or a reboot of Dino Crisis. It turns out that the development studio opted to go with the RPG leaving the reboot potentially out for another developer.

As it stands right now, there are no statements regarding a reboot of Dino Crisis or even an HD remaster of the original title. With Resident Evil 7 back to its horror roots, it would make sense for Capcom to capitalize on the success of their horror title and release a reboot to their past fan favorite horror franchise.