Universal Sandbox ‘Lightspeed Frontier’ Prepares to Warp into Early Access

Captaining a ship on the cusp of the Universe is definitely something that would stand out in a resume, and given the opportunity to explore the far-reaching depths of space, who could refuse? Enter Lightspeed Frontier, an action-adventure RPG set in a sandbox world that lets players select different parts in order to construct the spaceship of their dreams.

Currently in Early Access on Steam, Lightspeed Frontier is enriched with a unique quest based system that helps players gather upgrades for their ships. They’re unique in that unlike other games where missions are typically posted in an objective on the screen, the directives will come in the form of announcements, NPCs they’ve met in their travels and so on. Every encounter with an NPC is an opportunity to become friends or foes, depending on whether you choose help or betray them. Another key part of Lightspeed Frontier is its combat, which requires a multitude of weapons and manoeuvring techniques.

Lightspeed Frontier is set for an Early Access release on March 8 for PC, Mac and Linux.