Exhilarating FPS ‘Gunpie Adventure’ To Launch on Mobiles Soon

Nexon Korea’s upcoming action shooter Gunpie Adventure is a modern, chaotic bulletfest condensed into a smartphone. An organisation called the Sirius Foundation has awakened an ancient power which is unleashing terrible monsters onto an otherwise peaceful world.

Your job isn’t easy, and involves a mixture of recovering prehistoric artifacts, engaging in various battles, and ultimately restoring harmony to its original balance:

  • Arcade-like FPS experience: Intuitive controller designed for easy, drag and aim FPS gameplay with seamless reloading and swapping functions
  • Immersive story: Players will become invested in an immersive storyline featuring real voice actors and 3D dialogue animation
  • RPG-like growth system: Character recruiting and growth evolve with the collection of DNA and artifacts to enhance abilities, firearms and vehicles
  • Variety of modes: Players will master core exploration within the main story, join excavation groups in stages with varying levels of difficulty that change daily, and chase treasure through fierce battles
  • Real-time player versus player and boss raids: Co-op battle modes let fans compete against or play with friends around the world with leaderboards that are updated in real-time.

Gunpie Adventure is launching for iOS and Android devices, initially in Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Macau, and Singapore and then globally.