Orchestral Arrangements From The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Now Available Digitally

As part of the 9th Krakow Film Music Festival last year, fans of The Witcher were given a special treat in the form of an orchestral musical arrangement featuring pieces from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its expansions Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Today developer CD Projekt RED has announced a digital release of the concert, available for purchase through YouTube.

The full concert spans a total of two hours, but a snippet has been made publicly available to give fans a taste. Music director of The Witcher 3 Marcin Przybyłowicz is proud to be able to share the transcendental nature of the game’s folk-inspired soundtrack:

“Seeing 12,000 people listening live to something we worked so many years on with Mikolai Stroinski and Piotr Musiał — it’s magical; a beautiful culmination of the time we spent on scoring Geralt’s adventures…With the concert now available through YouTube, gamers, fantasy fans, and music lovers can join us then and there, feel the emotions and excitement of those moments.” 

Those interested can purchase the full version for around $12 USD.