Halo 4: Watch 11-Minutes Worth of Capture-the-Flag Exile Gameplay

Halo 4

If you own an Xbox 360, chances are Halo 4 is right on the top of your most wanted list of games this coming November. While we can’t play the game now, we might have the next best thing. To satiate your Halo 4 appetite for today, here’s 11-minutes of Halo 4’s Capture-the-Flag being played by the folks at 343.

Courtesy of Giant Bomb’s live-stream, we get to see David Ellis and Che Chou of 343 play and do a running commentary of Halo 4’s CTF Exile multiplayer.

We get to see a couple of vehicles in action, too. There’s the Banshee and Ghost, but the user playing wasn’t really able to maximize their time with them as they’re quickly taken down.

Give the trailer a watch below.

In addition to the action, we also see the different guns and loadouts available in the game. Speaking of loadouts, you can now customize your loadout in-game, which should be a welcome addition to the franchise, no?

Also of note, whenever you’re the flag carrier, the music changes to alert you of your status. Yes, I know, it’s a minor change, but one that’s welcome nonetheless.

Based on what you’ve seen so far, will Halo 4 be your multiplayer game of choice come this holidays or will it still be Call of Duty? Better decide fast as November 6 is just a few short months away.