GTA 5: Take-Two May Announce Release Window at Shareholder Meeting


The main publisher of Grand Theft Auto 5 has announced today its plans to schedule a live webcast of its yearly meeting of stockholders. Take-Two Interactive, parent company of 2K Games and GTA developer Rockstar Games has announced that the investor call will take place on September 20.

While you may opt to file this one under the heading of "highly speculative", we expect the publisher to bring up the topic of Grand Theft Auto 5, which has by far been the property garnering the most amount of attention compared to everything else in their stable of games. We speculate that Take-Two will use the venue as an opportunity to announce the release window of the upcoming game, which has seen the release of numerous screenshots in recent weeks after a long, dry spell of basically nothing since Rockstar Games put out the game's teaser trailer this time last year.

The screenshots, which were released late last month, depict everything from high speed chases to more leisurely pursuits like dirt bike racing and tennis. The images contained a number of tantalizing details, which includes possibility of a new protagonist. 

Being the publisher of numerous titles, Take-Two is expected to talk about its plans for Bioshock Infinite, planned for release next year; XCOM: Enemy Unknown; and Borderlands 2, which is set for release next week.

For the most part, the meeting will focus on Take-Two's plans for the fiscal year ahead.

Should they announce the game's release date, Gameranx will keep you up to date with the developments as they happen.