Video Shows How Capcom Censored Sections Of Gameplay For Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 became a massive hit when it first released into the market. The video game was taken back to its franchise’s roots with Capcom opting to release a more survival-horror narrative instead of the over-the-top blockbuster action-horror that we’ve seen in past main installments.

Gamers all over the world are playing through the new Resident Evil installment, though some gamers are going through a slightly different experience than gamers located within North America and Europe. It seems that the video game was censored in a few select moments for Japanese gamers and one YouTube channel known as Censored Gaming, goes through and shows just how each moment was censored.

Now mind you, this video and text below will include some spoilers for the video game so continue reading along and watch the video below with caution.

There’s a big taboo in Japan with decapitations so as you can imagine, a few sections of gameplay was greatly altered. This included the decapitated head in the fridge along with a certain key that is discovered by sticking your hand through the neck of a decapitated cop.

Most the game still plays out regularly just with a slight change in animation, blood color, and removal of select in-game items. Regardless, the game is still going strong with sales despite censorship and the adapted first-person perspective.