NES Classic Edition May Be Discontinued

The NES Classic Edition became a massive success, one of which that seemed to have surprised Nintendo themselves. This console is essentially a plug-and-play type device in which players can connect a miniature size Nintendo Entertainment System and play a series of classic NES video game titles. Now it seems that there is a possibility that this popular console is already being discontinued by Nintendo.

As mentioned, the NES Classic Edition is a miniature Nintendo Entertainment System in which the console comes pre-loaded with thirty video game titles. Regardless of its limitation, along with a hack that allows gamers to add several more video game titles on the console, gamers have been picking these devices up as soon as retailers receive shipments. This has caused a widespread problem for gamers as these units being shipped out were too few and far between for consumers to get a purchase outside of the upped reseller price.

There’s no questioning the success and popularity of the NES Classic Edition, but it is surprising that already the console may be on the way out. A post on NeoGaf has revealed that a Nordic retail employee has received word of the NES Classic Edition being killed off.

Right now there is no word on if these reports are true and what this could mean in the future for Nintendo’s popular miniature console. Some could speculate that there may be a new edition releasing or potentially Nintendo is setting up for a release of the SNES Mini. Regardless, if this is the case, then you’ll want to be on the lookout for an NES Classic Edition at your local retailers sooner than later.