Atmospheric Indie ‘The Mooseman’ Traces the Contours of the Universe

Based on the myths and legends of tribes that once inhabited Russian lands, The Mooseman is a dark adventure game set in a fluctuating world. You are The Mooseman, an individual with the talent to perceive all which is hidden to the mortal eye, and must travel across three layers of the universe in a quest to uncover long forgotten mysteries.

Developer Vladimir Beletsky explains that the team spent a great deal of time consulting with museums in order to create a narrative which draws on facts in order to explore and examine the history of the Finno-Ugric people. Highly spiritual at its core, The Moosemen offers players the following opportunities:

  • Explore the worlds inspired by Perm animal style
  • Dive into the deep atmosphere of folk Komi music
  • Meet long forgotten gods and spirits
  • Learn the ancient myths of finno-ugric tribes
  • Don’t expect an easy journey, there are riddles in the dark
  • Unlock new abilities and use them to get to the Upper World
  • Find all the artefacts that are hidden from the mortal eye

The Moosemen releases on February 17 for $6.99 USD on PC and Mac.