Diablo 2.5.0 Patch Notes Detail Armory, Crafting Mat Storage and Item Changes



Diablo 3’s new patch is expected to go live soon and will feature some mouth-watering new additions and changes, long awaited Armory. Patch notes are already available via the PTR and they can be viewed here.

The Armory will allow people to store five different builds per characters and this will include their gems, gear, skills and Kanai’s Cube powers. Each time you equip an Armory build it will automatically change items between your character and stash.

Storage space mechanics have been altered for the better, crafting materials will now be in a separate tab, thus providing more space for your shared stash. This applies to both materials picked up and those salvaged from junk.

Legendary and Set items can now be rolled as Primal Ancients. These are described as being rarer than Ancients and feature higher statistic ranges. Now bonus acts in Bounties have been removed, Instead of Bonus Caches and Horadric Caches, you’ll now earn a Large Horadric Chest with the same loot.