‘Stand By Me’ Sang by the Final Fantasy 15 Voice Actors During Twitch Live Stream

People who have played Square Enix latest entry in the Final Fantasy series — Final Fantasy XV, will most definitely remember the opening song of the game, Stand By Me.

The song is a famous one dating back all the way back to 1961 which was originally sung by Ben E. King. However, after many iterations and covers of the song, Square Enix decided to make it one of the main songs for the game; in which English indie band Florence and the Machine sang.

During a live stream over on Twitch the other day, 3 out of the four main characters in Final Fantasy XV held a little QA stream. The stream had almost 800 people in it, asking all sorts of questions. However, throughout the stream, the boys broke out in song and sung the opening theme of the game, ‘Stand By Me’, check it out down below:


Ray Chase (voice actor for Noctis), Adam Croasdell (Ignis), and Robbie Daymond (Prompto) were all in the stream, including voice actor Max Mittelman (who gave Tredd Furia his English voice in the 2016 Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV film). The boys singing ‘Stand By Me’ is pretty cool as it brings the friendship of the characters we know from the game a little more closer.

In addition to ‘Stand By Me’, the boys also sang another song from the game — the Chocobo Song. The song is sung in a capella by the man himself Prompto, and the viewers were absolutely loving it. Check it out down below:

In other FFXV news, earlier today Square Enix held a live stream which they detailed the upcoming PS4 Pro patch, chapter 13 update, and much, much more. Check out all the new additions to the game right here.