Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro 60 fps Patch Launches in February; Chapter 13 Update and More Detailed

Square Enix held an Active Time Report live stream today where they released plenty of updates on their latest game, Final Fantasy XV. PS4 Pro users will be ecstatic to hear that the long-awaited 60 frames per second patch has finally received a released date. The pro patch is scheduled for February 21.

Square Enix does note that the PS4 Pro 60 fps support will not always be maintained at 60, but rather 60 fps will be the maximum frames the game can go. This is still good news for players as the game currently runs roughly 30 fps on the normal PS4 and Xbox One versions.

A little later in the stream, Square Enix announced that Episode Gladiolus DLC will be launching alongside the large update that is to come for chapter 13 on March 28. Check out a short trailer of what you can expect from the Gladiolus DLC down below:

Here are some other minor updates that will be coming to the game as well:

  • Time-limited quests.
  • Level cap raise to 120.
  • Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo will be discontinued on March 31st.
  • Players will be able to save 200 pictures instead of 150.
  • It’ll be possible to use a music player when riding a Chocobo.

Lastly, FFXV director Hajime Tabata announced that they are working on an off-road Regalia mode for players. As you know, the Regalia is stuck to the confinements of the road, restricting players from driving through grass, hills, or any other type of land form for shortcuts.

However, this is all about to change once the off-road Regalia mode is implemented. Sadly, there is no talk of when it will release as it is still in early development. But to get a sense of how it will work, Tabata showcased it during the live stream. Check it out down below:

For those who watch to watch the full live stream, click here.

[source: Gematsu]