GTA 5 Release Date Screenshot Leak a Likely Hoax

While Take-Two and Rockstar haven't been forthcoming with Grand Theft Auto 5 news, that hasn't stopped people speculating or even making news up for the game,

In this newest "leaked" screenshot making the rounds today, this alleged data page for Grand Theft Auto 5 lists the release window, confirms a PC version, the possiblity of a co-op mode and even 64 (!) player online multiplayer. Hey, I didn't say this leaked shot was true, right?

Yeah, it's blurry but on the bottom of the screen, it lists the platforms and features and you can see the 2-64 player online wording. While the game's PC version might allow for 32 on 32 matches online, I honestly doubt the console versions can handle this in anyway — especially when you think about the game being an open world game and all.

However, if true, this could be the sort of thing that pushes Grand Theft Auto 5 into the realm of Call of Duty or Battlefield when it comes to multiplayer.

But again, before you get your hopes up, the possiblity of this being true is honestly very small. I mean, the mere fact it lists the release window as "end of 2012" is very, very suspect now. We're in September and unless Rockstar does not care about marketing the game at all, I doubt it's going to make a push for a holiday release date, no?

For the meantime, take this screengrab and think of things that could be.

Do you think 32 on 32 multiplayer gameplay would work in Grand Theft Auto 5? Come to think of it, do you think the consoles can even handle it?