Here’s What Nintendo Switch Game Cases Looks Like

The Nintendo Switch has been a popular subject to talk about as of late. Recently, Nintendo unveiled more details regarding their upcoming console handheld hybrid device and now as we approach closer to the device’s release date, we finally know what the game cases for the Switch will look like.

One user on Twitter that goes by the name Gaijinhunter managed to get his hands on a variety of upcoming video game title cases for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. Seeing how the upcoming console will not be using disc-based formatted video games but instead Nintendo is back to using cartridges, there have been a number of gamers guessing as to how Nintendo will be packaging them up for retail.

Turns out the cases are similar to the PlayStation Portable video game cases, the previous generation handheld from Sony. These cases hold a slot for the cartridge, much like the Nintendo 3DS video game cases, while also enough room for small instructional booklets.

However, another interesting aspect that came up through the images posted online was the fact that most of the cases will showcase details on how gamers can enjoy the video game title. This includes the ability to take the Nintendo Switch out of the dock to even how many controllers will be needed for multiplayer.

Currently, the Nintendo Switch is set to launch on March 3, 2017, for $299. While the device will include 32 GB of internal storage for gamers to use with content downloads, it’s already suggested that gamers pick up a microSD card to expand available storage for the device. While we wait for the video game console release, take a look at the images posted by Gaijinhunter down below.