Xbox’s Project Scorpio Will Run Some Games in Native 4K Resolution

Today, Phil Spencer took to Twitter to respond to the question of whether or not Project Scorpio can truly render titles in native 4K revolution. This was a claim that Shannon Loftis had made months ago. This is in the wake of some recent details about Project Scorpio’s hardware components that found their way online.

Shannon Loftis’ earlier statement referred to first party games produced by Microsoft specifically. So it is unknown if third party producers will be creating a significant number of native 4K titles, or if they’ll be upscaled or not to the coveted resolution.

A fan asked, “Will Scorpio still be able to do Native 4K on games?” Spencer responded, “Yes.” Before Spencer gave his answer, others had tried to coax an answer from him. Shortly before his aforementioned tweet, Spencer also tweeted out this statement in response to the flurry of questions and rumors.

“Honestly my focus is just on getting games ready to show and play. That will be the explanation. I’m confident in the results.”

Very little is know about Project Scorpio, as it has no release date, but it is expected to have a “console-appropriate price.”