Introductory Trailer of Thimbleweed Park’s Ransome the Clown Released

Kickstarter funded adventure game Thimbleweed Park has unveiled a new trailer showcasing one of the game’s main cast members in perfect, uncensored glory. Ransome the Clown is a ‘creepy clown’ who sports a ‘clownfro’ and has a mean, bitter bite. He is also the victim of a curse which prevents him from removing his makeup.

The latest trailer showcases his tough-love personality, with Ransome explaining that in a town run by a “rich, narcissistic egomaniac who’s obsessed with artificial intelligence built from vacuum tubes”, solving the murder behind a rotting corpse is the least of your problems. He reflects on his sellout shows, fame and fortune, which inexplicably evaporated after an old woman cursed him during one of his performances.

Thimbleweed Park is expected to release sometime this year for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Xbox One. What do you think about Ransome? Let us know in the comments.

Disclosure: Author supported Thimbleweed Park on kickstarter.