Dropzone’s Closed Beta Makes way for Early Access on Steam

After two years of development and a six month open beta stint, upcoming strategy MOBA Dropzone is set to enter Steam’s early access programDropzone blends real-time strategy with intense, competitive online multiplayer gameplay that requires players to assemble squads and load them out for highly charged 15 minute duel sessions.

The core gameplay requires players to choose three combat rigs, use speed and strategy to gather ‘cores’ while simultaneously fighting against the wicked alien Kavash, and level up pilots – each of whom will come with their own ultimate ability. The announcement of more features willcoincide with the establishment of the game’s Early Access program, which promises to be one of the most robust, content-rich pre-release titles to date.

Dropzone will fully transition to Early Access over the next couple of weeks with a target of mid February. An exclusive Early Access Player Emblem and Vision Tower will be accessible to beta testers, who will be transitioned across to Early Access at no extra cost. First time players will be able to purchase Dropzone for $19.99 USD.

Source: Dropzone