Nintendo Switch Presentation Unveils Console Price, Release Date & More

The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch reveal presentation is currently underway, and thus far, Nintendo representatives have announced the console’s official release date, recommended retail price and several other details regarding hardware capabilities.

Firstly, Nintendo Switch has been confirmed for a worldwide simultaneous release date of March 3 2017. The recommended retail price has been set to $299.99 USD, or ¥29,999 Japanese Yen. European audiences have been advised to check with local retailers for an official price point.

Director of Nintendo Software Development Shinya Takahashi says that the Nintendo Switch is a modern console that draws inspiration from and shares common DNA with older Nintendo consoles. It uses the portability of the Game Boy, adopts the L, R, X and Y buttons of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, implements the analogue stick of Nintendo 64, borrows the Nintendo DS’s touch screen and the touch control style of the Wii Mote, and finally, includes the freedom of gameplay provided by the Wii U’s gamepad.

Nintendo Switch will support online multiplayer services, allowing smart devices to be used for communication with friends. The multiplayer service will be a free trial until fall 2017, after which it will turn to a subscription model similar to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service. The console battery life will range from 2.5 to six hours total, but it will be possible to play games while charging the console at the same time. Wifi connection will make local multiplayer possible for up to eight players.

As for the ‘Joy Con” or Nintendo Switch controllers, they will come with screen capture buttons on one Joy Con and the other comes with a receiver that will be able to read and write data from Amiibos.

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