Rumors Circulate Online Over Nintendo Switch Price & Units Available Per Store

The Nintendo Switch could be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to beating out Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Both companies have already gained adopters to their next generation consoles and have already released an upgraded unit or preparing to launch an upgraded unit in the near future.

Nintendo still has big plans for their upcoming video game console known as the Switch. While we’ll know finer details regarding the consoles and the list of video game titles that will be launching throughout the year later this month, new rumors continue to pop up online giving a supposed insight before Nintendo’s upcoming presentations.

One report comes from Go Nintendo which claims that inside sources confirmed that GameStop higher-ups are having a meeting with Nintendo regarding the price point of the Nintendo Switch. Apparently, the Switch will run at $249.99. Likewise, another post on Reddit from a supposed Best Buy employee had stated a change report came in revealing the Nintendo Switch will be priced at $249.99.

If the Nintendo Switch is anything like the NES Classic Mini, we may also find issues when it comes to actually finding a unit for purchase. Go Nintendo’s Twitter account may have inside news regarding how many units are available per GameStop location as well.

Depending on how legitimate the source is, each GameStop location will have a minimum of twenty units with the maximum being capped at thirty. For those who may not live in a densely populated city, picking up a Nintendo Switch unit may not be a problem, however, for those in crowded areas, you may want to pre-order your unit just in case.

As noted, these are simply rumors and nothing official has been confirmed until Nintendo holds their presentations regarding the console and the video game lineup this year.