UnDungeon, a Fantasy RPG Taking the Multiverse by Storm

A melting pot of richly textured pixel art, isometric parallel dimensions and cosmic misalignment, UnDungeon is a classically inspired RPG that dares to ask what would happen if everything humanity knows about the universe isn’t the whole truth. Currently on kickstarterUnDungeon has managed to raise €11,080 of its €50,000 target up until now.

Developer Laughing Machines loves fast paced gameplay and a good challenge, so naturally, they’ve beefed up the combat system with real-time dodging, reflectors, positional changes, and grenade throwing. Every action aside from movement itself will consume a set amount of energy points, or EP in the game.

Players will take control of one of seven characters called ‘heralds’, strange beings who each came from different worlds after a multiversal mechanism known as The Shift fused seven parallel worlds together.

UnDungeon is scheduled for release in 2018 for PC, Mac and Linux pending successful completion of its kickstarter. Are you interested in playing UnDungeon? Let us know why or why not.