More Puzzles, Less Guns; Tomb Raider Fans Outline Hopes for Latest Game

A recent NeoGAF thread has sparked discussion on which features Tomb Raider fans would like to see emphasised in the latest game in the series, which will reportedly be called Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Late last year, a subway commuter in Montreal noticed an open laptop with a picture bearing the title.

Unlike the 2013 reboot and its sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider which were both developed by Crystal Dynamics, Shadow of the Tomb Raider may be taken under the wing of Eidos Montreal (ThiefDeus Ex: Mankind Divided), a decision which could drastically impact the direction of the game. We already know that lead writer of the first two games Rhianna Pratchett won’t be reprising her position.

While some fans mentioned Lara could make do without guns, and should instead rely on just her bow and arrow, a consistent point brought up in the thread is for the gameplay to make a more solid return to its classic puzzle-platforming roots, and include more tomb-raiding instead of murderous combat.

What do you want to see in Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Let us know your thoughts.