Mass Effect: Andromeda Not Launching On Nintendo Switch

The Mass Effect franchise, despite the rocky ending to the trilogy, is massively popular. Now fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment of the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Today we’re finding out that the upcoming video game title will not see a release on the Nintendo Switch, but developers may be swayed to work on a port depending on their followers.

News broke of BioWare not bringing the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda video game earlier today via DualShockers. The website publication was told that BioWare would not release a port on the Nintendo Switch by producer Mike Gamble, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely out of the question.

According to Mike Gamble, BioWare will not close the door to a Nintendo Switch port possibility.

“Yeah, not right now, no. We’re not planning on it. If the Switch launches and everyone’s just yammering for Mass Effect, who knows. We never want to close doors like that.”

It seems that fans of the series who happens to pick up a Nintendo Switch may ultimately determine the desire for developers BioWare to create a port. Though there are several factors that would also weigh in on the port development, having the ability to play Mass Effect: Andromeda on the go may prove to desirable for some gamers.

Regardless, we still have plenty of questions left unanswered when it comes to the Nintendo Switch console.

As for the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, the title is set to launch at some point in within the second quarter of this year. The game will take hundreds of years after the events of the first three Mass Effect video games where players will take on the role of an N7 special forces solder as you discover new planets for the human species to colonize.